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Zinc Alloys


We also market Zamak ingots in all its different grades and specifications.  Please feel free to contact our commercial department for quotations for all of the products that you may require.


Zamak is used in the die-casting industry.No other alloy provides the combination of strength,toughness, rigidity, bearing performance and economical cast ability as does Zamak.
Grades and Specification Sheets
Grade Cu Zinc Al Fe Specification Sheet
Zamak 3 0.03% max Balance 3.9-4.3 % 0.005-0.075 % Zamak 3
Zamak 5 0.75-1.25 % Balance 3.9-4.3 % 0.005-0.075 % Zamak 5
Zamak KS         Zamak KS
*Other Grades of Zamak and other types of zinc alloys are also available.

Safety Data Sheet

SDS Zamak