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Zinc Metal Products


1) Our product line includes pure Zinc in all its commercial grades including SHG, HG, GOB, Zinc Balls and zinc ingots.  Please feel free to contact our commercial department for quotations for all of the products that you may require.

SHG Zinc and galvanizing alloys are used in the hot galvanizing process while zinc balls are used in the electroplating industry.


  • Pure Zinc and Galvanizing Alloys for Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Zinc Balls, anodes for the electroplating industry.
  • Secondary (remelted) Zinc Ingots for brass alloys and zinc oxide production.
Grades and Specification Sheets
Grade Zinc Pb Cd Fe Specification Sheet
Zinc Balls
NZB 1920
99.995% 0.0030 % max 0.0010 % max 0.0020 % max NZB 1920
Zinc SHG 99.995% 99.995% 0.0030 % max 0.0030 % max 0.0010 % max NZSHG 2522
2) We also produce remelted secondary zinc ingots from hot dip galvanizing scrap. 
These secondary zinc ingots can be used for making brass alloys and in zinc oxide production.

Grades and Specification Sheets.
Grade Cu Zinc Al Fe Specification Sheet
Remelted Zinc Ingots
NZI 2515
0.0500 % max 98.5% minimum - 0.2000% max NZI 2515

Safety Data Sheet

SDS Zinc Metal