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Zinc Residues


Numinor recycles and trades in residues and scrap containing zinc, mainly from the hot-dip galvanizing industry.  Feel free to contact our commercial department with offers or enquiries for all types of zinc scrap and residues.


1) Zinc bottom dross is the zinc scrap acquired from the hot dip galvanizing industry.
The main application for zinc bottom dross is production of zinc oxide through distillation in the French process.
Grade and Specification Sheet
Grade Zinc Fe Pb Cu Specification Sheet
Zinc Bottom Dross-Hard Zinc 92.0 % minimum 3.0 % max 2.0 % max 0.1000 % max Hard Zinc
2) Zinc Fine Ashes are produced by mechanical separation of the metal and oxide fractions of Zinc Ash. 
Grade and Specification Sheet

Grade Total Zinc Fe Pb Cu Specification Sheet
Zinc Fine Ashes
NFA 0115
70.0 % minimum 0.7000 % max 1.5000 % max 0.1000 % max NFA 0115
3) Zinc Blowing Powder or Pipe Mill Dust is a powder like material produced during hot dip galvanizing of tubes.  A jet of steam is used to blow excess zinc from the interior of the tube. The dust consists mainly of metallic zinc and zinc and can be used in zinc rich paints and coatings and chemical processes where a high content of zinc is required.
Grade and Specification Sheet
Grade Total Zinc Metallic Zinc Fe Pb Cd Specification Sheet
Zinc Blowing Powder 90.0 % min 80.0-95.0 % 0.50 % max 1.0% max 0.10 % max Zinc Blowing Powder

Safety Data Sheet
SDS Zinc Metal

SDS Fine Ashes

SDS Zinc Dust