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Cool Plant (protective whitener for agricultural crops)


Cool Plant is a solar filter for plant protection during the hot season.
Agricultural crops suffer from extreme climatic situations of heat and high radiation. When there is a shortage of water in the soil, these problems increase causing:
  • Wilting of foliage, with further necrosis. 
  • Flowers dropping. 
  • Low yield. 
  • Low quality of yield (problems of coloration, firmness, shelf life, etc.)
Spraying Cool Plant on the crop will help avoid heat and sunburn damage.
Cool Plant is a white powder paint specially developed to avoid heat and sunburn damages. It is made of extra-fine pigments, with superior reflectivity. Cool Plant strongly absorbs UV harmful radiation.
The particle size is appropriate for spraying with any standard agricultural sprayer, and also for airplane application. (Diaphragm pumps are recommended for spraying high concentration powder suspensions.)
Cool Plant also contains Zinc which is available for the plant, improving its resistance to stress conditions together with a better nutritional situation.COOL-PLANT is supplied with glue improving its adherence to the plant, and avoiding wash-off by rain or irrigation. The glue’s formula is adjusted to suit most climatic conditions. COOL-PLANT is easily washed off at the time of processing or packing.

Safety Data Sheet

SDS Coolplant