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Zinc Dust and Powder


Zinc dust is a fine gray powder of zinc metal, made by distilling primary or secondary zinc in closed, horizontal furnaces. The vapor emitted from the zinc is then condensed as dust.
Zinc metal powder (zinc dust) and zinc compounds have long been utilized for their anticorrosive properties in metal protective coatings, and presently comprise the basis of metal primers, such as zinc chromate primers.
 Zinc dust paints provide excellent protection to steel structures under normal atmospheric conditions, as well as to underwater steel surfaces (dams, the interior of fresh water tanks).

Numinor represents Purity Zinc Metals, the largest North American producer of Type III Zinc Dust Pigment. Type III Zinc Dust is an ultra-pure zinc dust with lead (Pb) levels of less than 0.002%.


Specification Sheets
Grade Total Zinc Metallic Zinc Pb Microns Specification Sheet
NZD 1615 98.0% 94.0% 0.2000% 4-6 NZD 1615
NZD 1620 98.0% 94.0% 0.2000% 5-8 NZD 1620
NZD 1622 98.0% 94.0% 0.2000% 3.5-5.5 NZD 1622
NZD UP #6MG 99.0% 97.0% 0.0020% 6.0-7.5 NZD UP #6MG
NZD UP #6 99.0% 97.0% 0.0020% 5.0-8.0 NZD UP #6
NZD UP #4 99.0% 97.0% 0.0020% 3.5-5.0
A wide range of different grades and types of zinc dust are available. Please contact us for specific requirements.

Safety Data Sheet

SDS Zinc Dust